American Dance Studios

Class Descriptions

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Preschool Ballet/Tap Combination Classes (Live and Virtual) age 4-5

A wonderful introduction to these 2 art forms. Ballet is a theatrical art form that ignites a child’s imagination and fills it with magic. Our curriculum and lesson plan teaches ballet steps and exercises through fun themes and great music. The tap dance portion of this class fills the dance room with rhythmic exercises and exciting steps. The class is 55 mins long.

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Ballet Class

(Junior, Teen, Adult)

Ballet began in the 1500’s in Italy. When Catherine de Medici of Italy married the French King Henry II, she introduced early dance styles into court life in France. The study of ballet is a wonderful journey into artistry, technique, musicality and discipline. American Dance Studios provides a wonderful curriculum that clarifies vocabulary, steps, choreography in a caring and exciting way. Movement, muscle memory, body conditioning are the benefits of studying ballet. Performance is a portion of this experience as well. 1 hour long.


Jazz Dance Class

(Junior, Teen, Adult)

Jazz dance is a performance dance technique and style that first emerged in America in the early 20th century. We refer to Jazz dance when one speaks of Broadway or Theatrical dance. The origin of jazz can be traced to African ritual and celebratory dances from around the 17th century. Our classes focus on many styles of jazz. Classical styles such as Gus Giordano, Luigi, Broadway style, Fosse, Jerome Robins, and Funk, Frank Hatchet. This is a fun entertaining class. 1 hour long.

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Creative Dance Ballet /Tap age 2-3

Explore creative dance at home with Mom in the safety of your own Living room. Stretching, leaping, singing and clapping to the music will give both Mom and child the opportunity to learn wonderful dance technique. Our lesson plan is filled with funny themed music and props to help with gross and fine motor skills. Balletic, jazz, tap themes are the basis of this class. The class is 55 min. long

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Tap Dance Class

(Junior, Teen, Adult)

Tap dance is a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of metal taps affixed to the toe and heel of the shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Born of the combination of African dance and Irish/Scottish dance This art is uniquely American. Our love for Tap is apparent when one see’s the fantastic choreography in class. All music is used in class from classical tap to current hip-hop. 1 hour long.


Hip-Hop Dance Class

(Junior, Teen, Adult)

Hip-Hop dance class is founded in street style of dance, primarily performed to Hip-Hop music. Created in the 70”s Hip-hop grew out of the African American experience like so many arts in the US. American Dance Studios is very careful to monitor the type of music, so it is appropriate for the class age. Hip-Hop culture is an art that covers a wide range of styles based on the east coast and west coast. Memphis Jookin, Tutting, Popping, Locking, Turfing, Jerkin, and Krumping are some of the styles taught. Classes consist of conditioning, stretching, choreography and performance. Each class is 1 hr.