Adult Dance Classes 
Beginner and Advanced


Register for your Trial Class Dec.10th 3pm

Remember the fun you had in dance class? or did you always want to study but never had the opportunity?

Well now is the time to have some fun!

Adults need villages too! Meet every week with your friends and always have someone to enjoy professional performances with! Broadway and dance concerts can be enjoyed with other friend that share the same passion!. Surround yourself with good people, make some new friends!

American Dance Studios offers adult classes in levels for both new and experienced dancers. Unlike many other studios, these classes are true "adult only" classes and are limited to dancers ages 18 and up, so even as a beginner, you won't find yourself at the barre next to a 5yr old!  Whether you're new to dance or you danced for years as a child and want to get back out on the floor, we have a program for you. Get started now with a group intro class for free!.


Classes are available in beginner through advanced levels in the following styles:

Ballet: Builds strength, grace, poise, and flexibility in levels from absolute beginner through advanced. Ballet training provides a strong foundation for all styles of dance.  Learn technique and terminology in a progressive program for adults.

Tap: A fun class where your feet become part of the music. Terminology, rhythm and artistry will excite and thrill you. 

Jazz: Popular music and movement keeps you fit and flexible as well as helps you to develop expression. Strength and conditioning will improve with every class.

Performances:  Our adult dancers love having the opportunity to perform! As a new student you may not even be thinking  about performing just yet - but once you develop basic skills, preparing for a showcase can really focus your training and be exciting. Once adults progress to intermediate level classes and beyond, they have the option to participate in American Dance Studios annual year end recital. 

Do you offer drop in classes? Here at American Dance Studios we believe not offering drop in classes best serve our students.  Building strength and developing the appropriate technique, musicality and artistry, we require students to study twice a week for regular practice to proceed thru the program and progress to an expert level. 

Drop in students  tend to slow down the progress of the existing class and require the instructor and  other students to back track while the drop in student  is "catching up." Because we ask for a little more

commitment from our students, Our classes progress more quickly and build good technique faster.